Character Creation

Character Creation

One should view character (or as I like to refer to them, toon) creation as the personal goal to make a character that you will have the most fun playing. Be that a skillful Bard or a Pole-arm Gamble Fighter, wasted feats on flavor or min/max build it to the end, when all is said and done you should be vested in keeping that character alive until the end of the campaign. If you are new to D&D or an old school player, set forth are the guidelines to build a character in the Age of Power campaign.

1. You may make ANY changes to your character up to level 3 to fine tune your vision. After level 3 you are held to the retraining rules set forth in the official books. By ANY changes, I mean if you want to scrap the toon and make a new one, so be it but only up to level 3.

2. To create and ensure an investment into your character not only for yourself but for that of your team, if your (or any party member dies) that player can remake a new toon at the same level as death, minus 10% experience. In addition, each player in that party will lose 10% experience. In this manner, you stay vested in your toon, and it encourages the party to work together to stay alive.

Example: We have a party of 5 level 8 players all at 13,000 experience, the bottom of the level. Player “A” dies. The other 4 players will lose 1300 experience, but retain their current level of 8 and player “A” will make a level 8 character minus the 1300 experience. That experience will need to be recuperated with any addition experience to advance to level 9.

3. Everything in the D&D 4th edition is available to create your character. Please use the DnD Builder.
Limitations or rule changes!
Themes: You may pick a theme, but you may not retrain it during the life of your character.
Starting stats: Point buy system ONLY.
Starting Magic Items: 1 BASIC magic item of player level per tier.
Starting Gold: (level/gold)
1. 100 GP
2. 360 GP
3. 520 GP
4. 680 GP
5. 840 GP
6. 1,000 GP
7. 1,800 GP
8. 2,600 GP
9. 3,400 GP
10. 4,200 GP
11. 5,000 GP
12. 9,000 GP
13. 13,000 GP
14. 17,000 GP
15. 21,000 GP
16. 25,000 GP
17. 45,000 GP
18. 65,000 GP
19. 85,000 GP
20. 105,000 GP
21. 125,000 GP
22. 225,000 GP
23. 325,000 GP
24. 425,000 GP
25. 525,000 GP
26. 625,000 GP
27. 1,125,000 GP
28. 1,625,000 GP
29. 2,125,000 GP
30. 2,625,000 GP

A side note:
In an effort to make available all PC races and classes in the D&D 4e world understand that there will be RP limitations. While a human is rarely questioned in a tavern, a Bug Bear may be very unwelcome. And while your group may have three Dwarves, there might be problems if the fourth character is a Drow. A well written character background goes a long way to helping explain what an Elf is doing in the middle of a desert, or a group background can explain why there is a Drow traveling with three Dwarves, but there are some bias that even a novel can’t erase. Also remember that in some realms in this world Magic users are looked upon with disdain in this campaign setting, in some areas hated and hunted.

Character Creation

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