The rain came down in sheets as Bain pull himself up to his full height, and took the first breath of victory. The battle was still raging about as his undead horde continued their assault against the Keljai Knights. The bloodshed that had started three days ago was about to come to an end as King Ryan, the sovereign of the Three Realms fell to his knees. The black flames that had leapt from Bain’s hand were consuming the king and as Ryan raised his head in a final silent scream, his crown fell.
With a yell of fury born from loss and hate, Sir Malcom leapt into the air reversing his great broadsword and driving it into the back of Bain. A look of shock sprung to Bain, as the sword drove through his body, the tip piercing the ground and forcing him to double over. Malcom gripped the hilt with rage burring in his eyes, and with a curse twisted the broadsword ending Bain’s life. The last words he heard, “Death to magi”.
From the journals of Oras.

Age of Power

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