Age of Power

Welcome to Edgemead
The Graveyard

Normally guard duty at the main gain is easier than watching grass grow. They leave town, they come in town, and if they don’t look like they should be in town you make sure their intentions are at least lawful. But it was three days before the Harvest full moon when trading in our little town picks up like snow in an avalanche. Being on a major waterway helps business for our town, but makes duty for a couple of weeks very busy. So there was a line at the gate near dusk as the last of the travelers were checking in their goods and wagons.
I volunteer this time of year ‘cause they pay double, and it really helps my family pull through winter. We still had three wagons and a good dozen people on foot traffic coming through the front gate when Morgan, the graveyard caretaker comes screaming up the path as if his wife was chasing him for his last act of unfaithfulness! He didn’t slow down as he came to the through the gate, he didn’t even stop to take a breath and just kept on running. I have to say it put me on edge, but then Morgan really wasn’t playing with a full deck of cards anyway. We got the next wagon checked in when the tower guard above me called for me to come up. Upon reaching the top all he could do was point. There at the bend in the path were a handful of slow moving people. Stragglers who thought they could make better time and pushed themselves to hard, maybe? But as the setting sun was shedding its last rays you could see there was something wrong with these guys. I grabbed the spyglass and sure enough, zombies! With more coming around behind them!
Now Nisha Dunstall (our city Magistrate) and the guilds know about the increasing activity of undead in the region and have asked us to keep it under raps as much as possible, especially with harvest coming which is our busiest time of year. But we had seen and heard so little that I was beginning to doubt it was a problem. Now the problem was dragging itself to our doorstep!
Entry from the Edgemead Guard Log


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